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ANPR Solution


 Automatic License Plate Recognition (ANPR) system is a vehicle monitoring system based on advanced real-time optical character recognition (OCR) that can provide automatic license plate recognition or license plate recognition to track and identify cars. The system analyzes the video stream from the camera in real time, and processes the analyzed video stream to realize the automatic license plate recognition function. The processed vehicle license plates are stored in the database and can be verified according to many user-defined standards. The system can be deployed in border checkpoints, toll gates / toll gates, entry and exit traffic monitoring and law enforcement applications to track hot lists / stolen / suspicious / wanted vehicles.

How does the ANPR system work?

When the vehicle passes the ANPR camera, its license plate image is immediately captured and checked against the data stored in the database. The data is processed by a variety of algorithms that can provide alphanumeric conversion of captured vehicle license plate images into text data.


  • Detects and reads license plates automatically in real-time.
  • Real-time 24x7 city surveillance solution.
  • Can be integrated with other security modules.
  • Multiple entry points can be integrated together to a single central console.

Application of ANPR


Interface of Software

Software interface VVI
project image VVI
ANPR Camera Image
High-precision deep learning model
High-precision deep learning model
99+% detection accuracy
98+% read accuracy
Supports various license plate types
Supports various license plate types
Standard & non-standard
Different camera angle
Various fonts & font sizes
Supports various use cases
Supports various use cases
Stop & go and free-flow
Unidirectional & Bi-directional
Multiple lane view
Display Advertising
Display Advertising
Easy Ethernet-based Integration
Setup for 100% Remote Configuration & Management
With Edge-based processing, works with low-bandwidth 3G/4G Networks
Low power consumption enables
Solar/UPS powered implementation

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