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Biometric & Access Control

About Biometric & Access Control
The biometric device allows the organization to track the attendance of its employee systematically. It makes use of biometric of every employee if you want to preserve the report in their inside and outside time at some stage in the working hours. Biometric is a safety mechanism used for imparting get right of entry to to an person based totally on fingerprint popularity which is pre-stored in a biometric protection system. Biometric structures are deployed inside the group of workers is to remove time theft.
Access control system affords security by way of giving bendy manipulate over who's allowed to enter your premises.Access control device is one of the most not unusual used gadget in electronic door manipulate using a card or a magnetic stripe which can be accessed by swiping via a reader at the door. These get admission to manipulate structures are used for protection functions.
  • Benefits of Biometric :

    • Biometric Attendance system increases the accuracy of payroll during the pay period.
    • Biometrics provide accurate time and attendance records to the payroll system as it saves employees working time and decreases overhead.
    • The biometric attendance system will alert employees to excessive overtime situations which helps to balance the workload.
    • The biometric system improves accountability and responsibility for employees because it can accurately identify the late attendance, frequent, extended or unscheduled breaks.

Benefits of Access Control :

  • You will get to know who is Coming or Going.
  • No unusual person didn’t get entry.
  • Every People who work overtime there time will get noted.
  • Get to know who are trying to stole your sensitive information.
  • Increase In Safety.
  • We can use pin, card, finger.
  • There is no more lost keys problem.

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Access Control


 It is a standalone device which can perform its function without any supportable device. It offers high performance, having excellent features. It is an access control reader having 500 card capacity. It consume low current 1000mA. It supports proximity or EM card..


Image Biometric

Biometric Attendance Machine is the fantastic device which has in-built access control terminal. It is the most futuristic device with excellent feature.

Access Control


It is device for IN/OUT access, but it doesn’t support database to store log. It has good performance for those who doesn’t want data. It has built in USB port for download and upload data. It has Fingerprint/Password/Card having user capacity 1000.


Biometric image

This Biometric time attendance systems, Includes fingerprint reader or card based (Proximity Smart Card) Biometric devices to reduce time spent in non-core activities by employees. These Biometric devices not only save time also avoid fake buddy punching.