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Wireless Project

Wireless CCTV Camera Setup

With the continuous development of security camera technology, new Solutions for people who were previously unable to use the system. Wireless security cameras have huge advantages for those in need It can be easily placed without wires. Customers’ main reasons Choose wireless security cameras over other types of technology Due to the flexibility of the camera system.

VVI Technologies Wireless Structure


Wiring is difficult because large container trucks often pass through the passage between the workshop and the store Complex workshop and office environment The point layout is unreasonable and an important part of the monitoring point has not been set Factory dorms and factories need to add cameras



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The Result of Our Work

Compared to this, wireless surveillance cameras require less installation time Traditional hard-line surveillance camera. Save a lot of time, which could have been used for digging, drilling and Install cables for wired monitoring systems. Due to these trailing cables, wired security cameras cannot It can be easily moved or repositioned after installation. In this regard, wireless security cameras are better than traditional ones Hard-line surveillance cameras, because these cameras can be relocated There is no trouble even after installation. These wireless cameras can be connected to customers already Existing wi-fi network.